How To Seo An Ecommerce Site Structure

For Example, the main sections of your website might be News, Events or Blogs. From these sections users will be able to explore contents belonging to a particular type. From Homepage, you go to the main sections of your website. These main sections of your websites are often called sitelinks. Pick no more than six main menu items; you don’t want important stuff buried deep in the site where nobody will find it.

Visitors should easily find what they want without having to click many times and without spending more time on a page than needed. Not only they can attract more clicks to the most important pages of your website but they are also good for branding. Read the 6 Steps to create an SEO optimized structure for your shop.

In this article, we are going to discuss the structure and navigation of websites. Hello, I have been interested in digital marketing for 2 years. I produce content to be useful to you in the fields of SEO, Digital Marketing and I work with the Dopinger team. A 502 Bad Gateway error is a pretty common, yet annoying issue for most web users. It’s one of the HTTP status codes that point out the presence of a …

What are the 3 basic website structures

Therefore as a marketing enthusiast, you should be able to construct your website in an easy-to-navigate way to not lose your potential customers. Plus, if your website is messy, you will not get any help from the search engines. Bear in mind that you’ll have a few elements common to most pages — such as the navigation menu, and the footer content. If your site is for a business, for example, it’s a good idea to have your contact information available in the footer on each page. A lot of information has been presented in the lecture readings, However, this is not intended to be a complete HTML5 and CSS3 course, just a brief introduction.

Step 3: Consider Creating A Separate Menu For Desktop And Mobile

This would set up a div called header and one called footer. These are often used to format the top or bottom areas of a webpage. Also, showing in the example is a more limited class selector that is intended just to modify a small amount of text in a paragraph. In this case, the code is different in the CSS and content areas. Please go to the following Word document About CSS and read the section on selectors.

What are the 3 basic website structures

At this point, you should have a better idea about how to structure a web page/site. In the last article of this module, we’ll learn how to debug HTML. HTML 5 has several new elements that can be used in lieu of previous elements . See CSS Image Gallery for a challenge applying CSS to images.

Keep It Simple

So T-Rex would be organized in the Cretaceous period along with Triceratops. Having content organized in a way where search engines understand relative content is incredibly important. Part of the website design process is to determine where the navigation links will be on each page. But those results were imperfect and easy for SEOs to take advantage of. You can also set backgrounds for specific elements, such as a particular paragraph. CSS allows several ways to control a background image .

What are the 3 basic website structures

Make sure your pages are not buried too deep in your website. If you have too many levels in your website, the user will get confused and they won’t be able to navigate easily in your website. Keep the number of subsections balanced, so that you are having more or less same number of sub-sections for every main section.

Replicating the desktop menu it’s not a good option because of the limited screen space available on the mobile device. Make use of side menus – When a user selects a particular category from the main menu, you can show them a landing page with a side menu to help them find the products they want. The navigation i.e. the menus of the shop, should reflect the structure. If you get the structure right, your navigation will be easy to understand and follow. Let’s understand some of the basic navigation elements in a website.

You may have noticed a lot of referrences to the W3Schools websites. They provide a lot of information and are the major group that tries to set standards for the WWW. The box model allows you to add a border around elements, and to define space between elements. The ‘alt’ attribute makes the page accessible, i.e., a page reader would say what ever is in the quotes which should describe the image to a visually handicapped person.

Why Do You Need A Web Design Structure?

This will give an explanation of three basic types of selectors. You could mix all three in a single web page depending on the needs of your website design . In that case, there is an order of priority as to which style dominates. Basically, the closer the style is to the actual affected content in the page code the higher its impact. The word Google is what appears underlined and is the word you would click on to activate the link.

  • In this case, the editor’s note is supposed to merely provide extra direction for the director of the play; it is not supposed to have extra semantic meaning.
  • Suppose you can’t provide the necessary information quickly.
  • You may be familiar with some or all of these navigational options from websites you had visited.
  • So try to include all you pages in at least 3 clicks away from your homepage.

Be sure there is good contrast so they can be easily seen. This article looks into how to plan a basic website structure, and write the HTML to represent this structure. Breadcrumbs are very important and yet, often ignored navigational element. Breadcrumbs are extremely important web navigational element for any website as they explain to the users about the section of website they have landed.

This is to help users find the link to main pages of your website even when they scroll down to the bottom of your page. Make sure you list your main sections in Header and Footer of your website. The main content sections of your website must be available to the users at any page and any time.

Document And Website Structure

It is basically the plan and web design of the visual and technical feasibility of a website. It’s used as a term by website designers as in the meaning of designing and developing a website. Website architecture is an essential step of website creation that affects the user experience drastically.

Types Of Site Structures

These are different links that you can have within the content area of your website. These links encourage more interaction from the users and makes the browsing experience of your website audience even better. So try to include all you pages in at least 3 clicks away from your homepage.

It also puts this name in the place where the image should go if downloading won’t allow the image to display. This would create a heading with the words in yellow and a background line behind it in a dark reddish-purple color. You can change the colors, font and line height to fit your choices for your pages. Again, try experimenting with this in your testpage.html file. While the following tags are covered in the above page links here are some of the basic tags you will need to use in your website.

This would also create a line about one pixel high and spanning across the entire page area. Paste it into the testpage.html copy of the template and see what happens. Keep in mind the above design considerations as you develop, create and code your webpages for your website. This will help you have a well designed, functional and effective website. Avoid adding pages to the menu that are not needed or creating fly out submenus menus when it’s not necessary.

Interaction Design For Trees

Image Tag– Allows for the display of an image in a web page. You should be able to figure out how the links to your other web pages will work based on the example just given. Back to Home will be the words you click on to activate the link. Computer History will be the words you click on to activate the link.

Matrix type gives the visitor the choice of where they would like to go next without building a sequence. Or limiting the user with parent and child relationships between pages. As a result, you see many internal links under the main categories on the home page; and choose the link you want to visit. External Style Sheet – This is the best way to style a website when the style is applied to many or all pages. You should always set an alternative background color in case the image does not display. The image color and the background color should be similar so that your text and links will display with good contrast.

Developing a top level website with excellent website architecture might be a problem. There are things you would like to keep in mind while creating a website. In this section, you will be able to understand the fundamentally necessary steps of website architecture with recommendations. These recommendations will help you improve your website’s general structure.

Styling Tricks From The Fall Runways To Try Now : Life Style Big News

Not only will they spend more time on your helpful website, but they may even recommend it to others. Site structure is the way that your website content is organized. All websites have different varieties of content, whether they are related or not. Site structure deals with the grouping, management, and presentation of those contents.

Make Your Menu Front And Center

Now try to sketch a rough sitemap — have a bubble for each page on your site, and draw lines to show the typical workflow between pages. You might also want to include notes about how things how to plan a website structure might be presented. Each of the aforementioned elements can be clicked on to read the corresponding article in the “HTML element reference” section, providing more detail about each one.

Unordered list – creates a list with an unspecified hierarchy. Ordered list – creates a list with a specified hierarchy. From experience, when you create the user-sitemap page, it will help you understand if your website is well structured or if you need to make any structural changes to improve it. A good user-sitemap page should display all important categories and subcategories of a website is a single page so that users can find easily what they want. For all types of websites, it’s always a good practice to create a user-sitemap page.

Keyword research is not only necessary for optimizing your titles and descriptions but it can provide you with ideas on how to structure your website. The best way to decide on how to create your structure is to take into account the outcome from your keyword research process. An ecommerce website should have a hierarchical structure. The problem is that you cannot specify which pages of your website to include as sitelinks.

This will be where the individual pages of your website live, or this could indeed be a sub-section of your main section. The hierarchical structure is the most important among web design structures. In this case, you will take users first to a landing page, page 1, which would talk about the even in general. Then you would take the users to a 2nd page which include detailed content about the event, like who is attending the event or who are the speakers of the event. Then you may take them to a 3rd page which talks about the prices and how to purchase the tickets for this event, this page might probably contain a form. This structure is not commonly used and it’s generally used when website is very small in size, like 4–5 pages.

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