Hence motivations drive cellular daters in order to ghost? (RQ1)

Hence motivations drive cellular daters in order to ghost? (RQ1)

Again, participants was indeed offered the word ghosting and you will asked to help you suggest how frequently participants ghosted almost every other dating application users (Yards = 2.17, SD = step one.59) and exactly how often they think other matchmaking app pages ghost (Meters = step 3.51, SD = 0.88) for the a level between 0 = Never to 5 = Very often.

Face-to-deal with contact

Respondents (letter = 211) conveyed whether they noticed the one who ghosted them face-to-face with answer groups no (0) and you can yes (1; 52.1%).

Duration of contact

Participants (letter = 211) indicated the duration of the fresh new get in touch with till the other individual ghosted which have respond to categories (1) several era otherwise smaller (n = 9), (2) 1 day (letter = 9), (3) a few days (n = 26), (4) a week (n = 32), (5) fourteen days (n = 77), (6) thirty day period (n = 25), (7) a few months (n = 27), (8) half a year in order to a year (letter = 4), (9) longer than a year (letter = 2) (Yards = cuatro.77; SD = step one.62).

Concentration of the new get in touch with

The latest intensity of the latest get in touch with is actually mentioned having fun with a level ranging from = very sporadically to seven = extremely intense (n = 211; Meters = cuatro.98; SD = 1.42).

Number of sexual closeness

An excellent categorical variable was applied to measure amount of sexual closeness which have answers between nothing (letter = 136), lightweight (i.elizabeth., kissing and you will intimate coming in contact with, n = 25) and you will big (i.age., oral, vaginal or anal sex, n = 47). (more…)

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